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Thread: One night only!

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    Thank you! We're excited about this trip - haven't been to Paris since 2001. I may have to send you some private messages if I think of any questions.

    At the local restaurants in Aruba, instead of bread they serve a side of warm Pan Bati which is made with flour and corn flour and always reminds me of a taste similar to a pancake (a little sweet.)

    We don't eat white bread either and usually go to the grocery store to buy some good wheat bread for toast in the morning and some nice brown bread rolls for sandwiches at lunch. They have some nice bakeries in the grocery stores.

    As far as drinks....Brown Lady is yummy (but I can usually only drink one because they're like a dessert for me - sweet.) Most bars will have a drink list which shows all of their frozen drinks and their ingredients - just ask for the menu and then pick something that sounds good!
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    Thank you Amy,if you have any questions just send me PM

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    Any Aruba beach...
    ingredients in some popular local concoctions

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    Eagle Beach, Glitz Casino, Manchebo Beach Resort
    Nice dinner out..... Mme J's.... easily under 150 with taxi and drinks! Lots of meat and a fun experience.... Texas de Brazil or Amazonia...! Enjoy your trip!

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    thanks for the list! Should be there long enough to try out just about every spot on the list! Thanks!

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