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Thread: Our Aruba Dinners 6/17-6/29

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    Thumbs up Our Aruba Dinners 6/17-6/29

    All dinners below, with the exception of one, are restaurants we would return to. Each restaurant I think, uniquely in its own way offered something different for everyone depending upon whether you are looking for romance, fine dining/ cuisine, local food, seafood or even a dinner for families with children.

    Barefoot has a very nice upscale, but relaxed, barefoot atmosphere, the food was beautifully presented. Some tables overlook the beach; others are under a palapa overlooking it. The menu is not for everyone, but if you go with an open mind and if unsure, ask for sauces on the side, you should be able to find something to tickle your taste buds. Service was terrific, doting, but not overwhelming. My dh drinks a lot of water during dinner while in Aruba and his glass never once went empty here.

    Appetizers-- Vanilla Skewered Scallops, Goat Cheese Medallions- cheese on roasted bell pepper, topped with red onion chutney & balsamic syrup, Two Tuna- Tuna tartar & tuna Carpaccio)
    Entrees-- Caribbean Grouper- filet topped with mango cream cheese & served with a light spicy mango sauce, Romance of the Sea- Grouper, Snapper & Mahi Mahi, Grouper Special
    Desserts-- Tiramisu & Grand Dessert (Chef’s selection of different desserts)

    Laguna Prime Rib Buffet at the Radisson
    The buffet at the Radisson was such a good value at $23.95 per person plus 15% service charge we ate there twice. With our beverage credit included with our package through booking with MCM Tours, we were also able to enjoy wine with our dinner without running up an expensive tab. The beverages were added to our check that evening but deducted as a credit at check out.

    The salad bar offered including peel and eat shrimp, sushi, a wide variety of “toppings” for your salad as well as a wide selection of dressings and other salads such as heart of palm, tuna, chicken or avocado cucumber and others. The salad bar never ran dry and was constantly being replenished throughout our time in the restaurant.

    Add to this, a chef carving to order, melt in your mouth prime rib, accompanied by baked salmon, a few other hot choices, vegetables and baked potatoes with toppings. The prime rib was just as good as I have had anywhere. For the price, this was by far the best value on the island.

    For dessert, the buffets offered a station with a chef making flambéed crepes as well as make your own sundaes and a separate table with cakes, tarts and pastries. One night the flambé was strawberries and another it was bananas. If that was not enough, there was fresh fruit on the salad bar as well. Whether, breakfast, lunch or dinner, fresh fruit was an area which the Radisson did not skimp on. Besides the usual oranges, apples and bananas, there were days with Bartlett pears and grapes.

    The only buffet we went to was the Prime Rib. Others we spoke to had gone to the seafood buffet and thought it was just okay. The third buffet night is Churrasco. Again, on the nights of the buffet there is no ala carte menu.

    Amadeus was one of the highlights for “new found places” for us out of all of our dinners while on the island.

    Besides the serene ambiance of the restaurant, the soothing classical music was a nice compliment to the 17th century décor. Dd, a fledgling musician, loved the Mozart theme and we all loved the Austrian cuisine. This restaurant on the island of Aruba, of all places, is definitely a refreshing change of fare.

    The quality of the food and service were even more remarkable! Frank was an attentive, but not overbearing host. Without doubt try his blended liquor, the Lost Symphony. It is a unique and delectable blend of Cocoa, Vanilla and Almond.

    Appetizers-- Escargot, Coconut Breaded Shrimp, Austrian Goulash Soup
    Entrees-- Lobster Newburgh, Beef Stroganoff, Braised Beef Steak
    Dessert-- Sacher Torte, Fresh Strawberries, Chocolate gelato sundae

    Passions On the Beach at the Amsterdam Manor
    My husband, daughter and I have had dinner at Passions a number of times now and each time it has exceeded our expectations. When you arrive at any place of business, first impressions are lasting ones. At Passions, we are always greeted by name and welcomed in ways which make you aware that customer service and guest satisfactions are their priorities.

    The food and service each and every time has exceeded our expectations. To us, it is the little attention to details such as keeping water glasses filled and not being rushed through our dinner which keep us returning on each visit to Aruba to Passions. It even amazes us how two servers are able to coordinate the lifting of three domes off of our three entrees so that they are all revealed at the same time!

    The atmosphere, service and food are outstanding and we will continue to return at least if not twice, each trip to Aruba. Thank you to Marc, Humphrey and Teresa as well as the rest of the staff for such superb dinners.

    Dinner on Our Anniversary
    Appetizers-- Prosciutto di Parma- Thin Sliced Salt Cured Italian Ham with Arugula, Goat Cheese & Honey, Caribbean Crab Cocktail- Surumi Crab Meat Smooth Blend with Mayonnaise, Brandy & Onions, Classic Caesar- Chunks of Romaine Lettuce Tossed in a Rich Dressing Flavored with Roasted Garlic & Anchovies, Finished with Croutons
    Local Grouper Filet in Crispy Coco Jacket- Golden Fried Accompanied with a Light Creamy Banana Dip, Sesame Crusted Red Snapper with Tamari Soy– Ginger Sauce
    Wasabi & Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Snow Peas, Grilled Filet Mignon- Straight from the Grill Served with Garlic Butter
    Dessert-- Brownie Bites- With Vanilla Ice Cream

    Dinner on Our Last Night of Vacation
    Soups & Salad-- Soup of the Day- Cream of Onion Soup, Classic Caesar
    Entrees-- Grilled Filet Mignon “Firenze”- On Green Asparagus & Balsamico Glazed Mushroom & Bacon Ratatouille & Port Wine Gravy, Vegetarian Lasagna- Vegetable Layers of Eggplant, Zucchini, Mushrooms, Cream & Parmesan Cheese with a Chunky Tomato Sauce, Get Together- Grilled Grouper Fillet with Creamy Hot Shrimps

    Good meal, not fantastic, food was good as well as the atmosphere, but directly inside was where it ends. It is sandwiched in between two other restaurants like Philly row houses and each had their own music playing and it just ruined it for us Dh also thought the dining was warm with minimal ventilation.

    The menu is $35 prixe fixe with some items having minimal surcharges. You place your order for all three courses together including dessert. Dd came for the "Tear Drop"!

    After we finished our meal, the time came for dessert and the waiter said that their freezer had a melt down and they had no more "Tear Drops". Gee, that was pretty strange since only 5 minutes before they served one to a table that had only been seated for a total of 10 minutes and obviously only there for dessert.

    We were confused since the order was taken all at once for our meal, would not one of the “Tear Drops” have been held aside for our order? Was it given away instead to this other party which walked in right before it was time for our dessert?

    We are not “difficult” so did not argue the point. If they were gone, they were gone and arguing was not going to bring one out. The waiter offered a rain check good for one “Tear Drop” at another time, as well as the dessert ingredients that night, minus of course, the “Tear Drop”. Since we were staying within walking distance at the Radisson it was convenient, otherwise it certainly would not have been worth the taxi fare to go back for the dessert.

    Since dd was really “stuck” on the idea of this dessert we went back to take advantage of the rain check. When the hostess found out we were not there for dinner and only the rain check, she directed us to the bar. Maybe it is just me, but right away I had an uncomfortable feeling, like they thought they were doing us a favor. There were plenty of tables available and it was late at least 9:30 pm if not 10 pm. Our family had a considerable beverage credit at the Radisson so dh and I were not relishing the idea of having to pay Soenchi’s to have a drink to sit at the bar while our dd ate her dessert. So we stood there annoyed while dd enjoyed her dessert. Not a good feeling to have for a lasting impression about a restaurant.

    Appetizers-- Keri Keri fish cake, Goat cheese fritter, dd had the Pineapple duck pastechi (God has to love a 15 yo who can be as adventurous in her dining as she is)
    Entrees-- Cinnamon Duck breast (again dd loves her duck), Whole Red Snapper in rock salt crust, Filet Mignon
    Dessert-- Pineapple Flan, Chocolate fondue, “Tear Drop”

    The owner, Jose, was absolutely charming and could not be prouder or more earnest to please his guests. The restaurant is small so definitely do make a reservation. Gostoso is on a small side street in downtown Oranjestad. If you are going to take a taxi anywhere on the island, this is the place where you want to take a taxi to. Parking is also very limited. And lastly, by taking a taxi, there will be no questions when it comes to ordering that second pitcher of sangria. Dh is not a big drinker, but I was able to sway him into sharing a pitcher of white sangria. Oh my goodness it was delicious and packed with all types of fruit.

    The food at Gostoso is a mix of international, Aruba and Portuguese foods. There is a very large menu and Jose patiently answered all of our questions and suggested various items we might like to try. Dh is a very daring diner and had never tried morcilla (blood sausage) before and Jose described it sufficiently enough that dh felt secure enough to give it a try.

    Appetizers-- Chorizo & Morcilla- Pork & Blood Sausages grilled and accompanied by Guasacaca Dip, Breaded Calamari with Marinara Sauce, Creole “Sushi Roll”- Wrapped with Plantain & stuffed with Cream Cheese & Avocado with Crab
    Entrees—Beef special with Roquefort sauce, Mixed seafood with coconut sauce

    Laguna Ala Carte

    We decided we wanted to try an ala carte night at Laguna. I love Chateaubriand and it was Thursday, “Chateaubriand Special” $23.95 night. All entrees as well as the nightly special included soup and salad bar in the price of the entrée.

    This ala carte night, the salad bar offered blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

    Appetizers-- Grilled Shrimp Bruschetta- Grilled shrimps tossed with tomatoes, basil & marinated onion finished with balsamic vinegar over garlic toast, Shrimp Cocktail- Six shrimp on a bed of greens, cocktail sauce, lemon wedge & mango relish, Escargot Mediterranean- Sautéed snails with creamy garlic sauce with mushroom served on puff pastry & bell pepper pesto
    Entrees-- Veal Oscar- Paillard of veal sirloin filled crab mojo with asparagus tips, pinot noir sauce & béarnaise sauce served with house risotto, Thursday: “ Chateaubriand Special”- Roasted & carved tenderloin served with fingerling parsley roasted potato, asparagus, pepper corn sauce & béarnaise sauce

    Marina Pirata
    Marina Pirata is still one of our family’s favorites. This is our place to go for local flavor at a reasonable price with the added bonus of dining outdoors on the water.

    Luckily we had made a reservation almost two weeks prior to arriving, requesting a table on the dock next to the water. When we arrived, the restaurant was full with locals. It was worth the price of a phone call from the states when we saw that there was one table still available, it was next to the water on the dock as requested, and it was ours. We were the only tourists there until we were about half way through our meal when another family sat down for dinner.

    Appetizers—Squid in garlic sauce & two French onion soup
    Entrees-- Grouper Meunière, Spanish Lagoon Special- Creole Sauce, Seafood Kabob

    Da Vinci Ristorante Italiano
    A friend described this restaurant as affordable Italian fare for families and that is exactly what it was. Service was excellent and the food was very good. Da Vinci is an excellent value for the money. It is directly across the way from Cafe Rembrandt so another easy walk from any of the high rise hotels.

    Appetizers-- Gorgonzola salad, two Caesar salads & mushrooms in a cream sauce which we shared and nearly fought over. It was truly AMAZING.
    Entrees-- Tuna Puttanesca, Grouper in white wine sauce, Vegetarian lasagna

    There are many words one could use to describe this restaurant. I am just going to say, “WOW”. There were four of us who dined together. Three had dived that day and the other had walked two miles. Everyone was starving and what a memorable delectable meal it was. Our party ate “soup to nuts” and the service was very nicely spaced out so that we did not feel rushed.

    Bisque- Caribbean lobster & prawn bisque sprinkled with a touch of cilantro
    Dijon mustard soup- creamy soup made of spicy whole grain mustard with a hint of bacon

    Ceviche al Habana- Tuna, grouper with shrimp marinated in lemon & lime juice with cilantro, Madame Janette peppers & red onions
    Tuna Trio- Tartare with mango & sesame seared black peppered tuna with spicy papaya & a seaweed salad & Carpaccio with sesame soy & lime sauce
    Escargot en Croûte- Escargots simmered in herbs & garlic butter & a touch of Pernod, sealed underneath a pastry crust
    Chèvre salad- crispy goat cheese on a mixed salad with a marinated beetroot, melon tomatoes, pine nuts & a honey balsamic dressing

    Mahi Mahi Special with White Asparagus served over Risotto
    Triple Tail Safrannaise- fresh filet of triple tail baked on the skin with home made garlic angel hair pasta & a saffron beurre blanc
    Grouper Papillon- grouper filet pan fried with garlic, herbs & lemon under a potato crust, served with a white wine lobster sauce
    Canard à Passion- Crispy, seared duck served with mushroom rice cakes, green asparagus, an orange passion fruit sauce & a chocolate drizzle

    Mousse Tasting- A white, dark & milk chocolate mousse with a Caribbean twist.

    Dh found it interesting to note that seafood such as shrimp and scallops were not cooked like it is done in the US, most were softer in the middle, almost cool to the touch and one would think they are raw since the texture is different from what we are used to getting. The seafood is not cooked as “well done” as in the US. Overall the texture being different from what we are used to in restaurants here in the U.S.

    Once dd and I had lunch at Bugaloe...melted Gouda cheese on french bread. Stick to your ribs and filling especially for her after an afternoon of diving. It became one of her afternoon staples.

    Another day dd and I had lunch at Laguna at the Radisson. I had the soup and salad bar, identical what is offered with the dinners at Laguna. Dd had a pizza which could have easily have been shared by two people. The pizza was on the ala carte dinner menu as well.

    When dh and I ate lunch together it was at Gilligan's at the Radisson. Bar, restaurant or beach in our chaise lounges the menu was all the same and delicious.

    Disclaimer: These reviews/opinions are those of myself personally and my family. I post this a visitor to Aruba and not as one of the moderators of the forum.
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    thanks for posting!!!
    took a lot of hard work and note taking to make a review as complete as yours.

    Amadeus is one of our favorites.

    I think paul and i are going to buy a couple of AGA certificates and use them towards Amadeus and Buccaneer.

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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    I think paul and i are going to buy a couple of AGA certificates and use them towards Amadeus and Buccaneer.
    OMG, how could I have forgotten to write about that

    We bought the gift certificates when we arrived and they were delivered directly to our hotel room- slipped under the door.
    We used them at Amadeus and Laguna.
    "Gift certificates are accepted at both AGA and VIP restaurants. Each $50.00 gift certificate can be purchased for $45.00. Minimum order: 2 gift certificates. Participating restaurants are subject to change."

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    Great review going in October and hope will have enough time to try 1 or 2 of the restaurants.

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    Thanks for sharing,you had to keep plenty of notes to remember all the great places you visited.Did you have any really bad dining experiences that is worth mentioning?

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    Lotta time and effort into those reviews. Thank you. We tried Amadeus and Passions this year for the first time and were quite impressed. Maybe someday Laguna will get over it's bad rap! Like you, I was very pleased with the value, food, atmosphere and service. Reviews like yours help people like me make dining decisions! Thanks again!

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    The restaurants and entrees made my mouth water!! Thanks for the detailed report!!

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Thanks everyone. If the Radisson went all inclusive only and we could afford to stay there and "only" eat at the Sunset Grille (when it reopens), Laguna and Gilligans, I think our family would be just fine

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarubian View Post
    Great review going in October and hope will have enough time to try 1 or 2 of the restaurants.
    I am so very happy that you will finally be able to get back to paradise.

    Quote Originally Posted by DANNYO View Post
    Thanks for sharing,you had to keep plenty of notes to remember all the great places you visited.Did you have any really bad dining experiences that is worth mentioning?
    Danny we won't be back to Soenchi's. That whole experience with not receiving the dessert and then having to go back for it and being made to feel like we were imposing just left a bad taste in our mouths.

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    Great, descriptive post, as always. We had reservations at Soenchi's, but Amadeus sounds like a better choice. Thursday is our Carte Blanche night, and we'll post a description afterwards.

    Tonight was our first night in. After waking at 4:30 for a 6:00 AM flight, we make it a habit to eat at Simply Fish, since we're staying at the Ocean Club. It was a great meal on the beach and terrific sunset (a little cloudy). It is, however, pricey. $35 for the scallops and risotto, which was excellent. (we both had it - so unimaginative!)

    Weather is great - high winds all day and in to the night - 18 mph with gusts to 30.

    Well, long day - signing off until tomorrow.

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    Love detailed dining reviews!!! Thanks Arubalisa! We're definitely going to try Passions on our next trip.

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