Padu Lampe celebrates 96th Birthday

Thursday, April 28th, 2016 14:46

ORANJESTAD - Padu Lampe, also known as the 'Father of Culture " blow for his 96th birthday on Tuesday another candle on his cake . This festive day was celebrated with friends and family at the Hilton Hotel. Employees of Aruba Bank came to congratulate him personally on his bed (see photo). Juan Chabaya Lampe: "Padu del Caribe" was born in 1920 and has become known in Aruba and the Caribbean region as a pianist, singer, poet, composer, writer and painter. At the age of 75 Padu received for his cultural activities the Silver Carnation, a sign for people who have devoted themselves entirely voluntarily for culture in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Padu Lampe!
Wishing you many more happy and healthy years to come!