Oct 15 - 19 "very special menu" at Papillon Restaurant Village across from the Radisson.

from Aruba Daily
A 5-course game special at Papillon opens the hunting season – Papillon Restaurant is ready for the 2012 Game Season
Posted by Aruba Daily on October 15th, 2012
Papillon Restaurant is getting ready for the 2012 Game Season. No, this is not about baseball, this is about meat. And game lovers are licking their lips in anticipation of the smooth pheasant pâté, saddle of hare, deer steak, pigeon breast and wild boar with bacon that will shortly become available to them at restaurant Papillon in The Village, across from the Radisson Resort.

Chef Bas is prepared for the first flight that will bring in the bounty of nature and he is planning to serve autumnal dishes with stewed pears, forest fruits, apple compote and mushrooms. From Monday, October 15 to Friday, October 19 guests may opt for Papillon’s 2012 Opening Game Season Special for US 52.50 per person, a glass of wine included, in celebration of the hunt.

In Europe the hunting season is limited: from October 15 until mid December hunters with permits are allowed to shoot a previously allotted number of deer, pheasants, wild boars and other animals of the woods. This adheres to the tradition of keeping the number of roaming animals in check.

Europeans love eating game. Pheasant, boar, hare and venison are considered the perks of fall, the season for the hunt. Controlled hunting keeps the balance between the species and special permits are therefore sought-after in many countries. The hunt used to be a royal, noble sport and the nobility greatly enjoyed the chase, seated on their horses, sipping freely from their flasks, with packs of dogs and foot folk doing most of the work. The most impressive heads were mounted and glorious tales about hunting days were told and re-told.

But back to Papillon Restaurant, where options will be plentiful, dependent on what is coming in: broth of game, pâté, filet of hare, filet of deer, venison shank, filet of wild boar and `Hazenpeper’, a traditional game dish made of hare’s leg. Dessert might include a favorite: stewed pears. Expect Saint Remy pears stewed in red wine and cinnamon, with a scoop of vanilla bourbon ice cream, whipped cream and melted dark chocolate. You can contact the restaurant for the weekly changing specials.

Of course robust and impressive wines are called for when eating game. Papillon’s wine suggestions include several spectacular wines, which will bring out the specific taste of the meat. To make your game experience complete, the wines will be decanted and served in Riedel glasses.

On Monday, October 15 Papillon Restaurant will serve its first game dishes of the year. Reservations can be made via 586-5400.