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Thread: Pizza Bob's Overcharged my Credit Card...

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    Very disappointing to hear. We go to Pizza Bob's every year (usually 3 or 4 times in our 2 week stay). I agree the service is slow at times (especially if they are busy) but the staff is always very nice and we've never had any problems. Hope this isn't becoming a trend with them. Anyone know if the management/staff has changed recently? That could be one reason for the recent mess ups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kent View Post
    My wife ad I have LOVED the pizza there but I am seeing alot of coplaints on that place. Even our last 5 times there they either don't bring out the salad we order or we order the large pizza and they bring us a medium. Last month when I went back because I really like the pizza, I just sat at the bar since I was alone and I was in a hurry so I sat down and asked the waitress for a drink and a mediem meat pizza. She said ok and brought my drink. She never said another word to me and finally after about 30 min, I asked if my pizza was done and she looked at me and said, What pizza are you talking about? I said I ordered a pizza when I sat down and she said I never heard you order a pizza. Then why in the world didn't she come back to me in the 30 min I sat there and ask what I want. I said no problem and left. I don't think I will ever return to Pizza Bobs. My vote is they have great pizza but very slow service and between over charging you or messing up your order, I think I will go else where. Lindas Pancakes have very good pizza. Kent
    We used to love Pizza Bob's but we've had our own issues with them over the years and on our last trip in May was the last straw so we're officially done with them and will continue to go back to Linda's.

    Our issues have been salads that we order that never arrive. When we ask about the salad after the pizza comes to the table they always said "Oh, you wanted a salad?" Uh, yeah...that's why we ordered one. It used to be a funny joke with us since in all of the salads we ordered there, we've never received one. But last May we got a pizza "to go" - hardly any toppings at all and we asked for extra sauce on the pizza (if possible - they said yes) and we got extra cheese instead - so definitely NOT the type of pizza we wanted.

    It's too bad - it was a nice place. But I'm through putting up with inept service when there are better places around that deserve my business.
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    try casa tua i enjoyed their pizzas

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    I've ordered from them twice on my last 2 visits. I always get a large mexican pizza with wings so I can have some for dinner and left over for lunch the next day or two. I never ate there I always have them deliver or the last time I stayed at Casa Del Mar so I picked up. I always pay cash so after hearing the story about the credit card overcharge, I think I will stick to cash..

    Hey I heard they also make ribs and burgers. Has anyone had the ribs or burgers there?

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