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Thread: pizza delivery?

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    baby beach, the amazing rock formations, but pretty much everything else too

    pizza delivery?

    Anyone can recommend good pizza delivery place i Aruba? We want to do a family get together while there for our wedding weekend.... PLease advise ASAP we are leaving on Thursday!

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    you could check with "tomato charlie".
    there are at least 2 on island.

    tomato charlies has good pizza.
    Address: J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 370
    Tel: 586-9099
    i hope others make suggestions for you.
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    I think Tomato Charlies will deliver to the hotels, they would not deliver to our house. Pizza Hut was the only place we could get delivery to our house. You may also want to try Pizza Bobs, Corleone. Also I think Dominos will deliver.

    Enjoy your stay in Aruba!

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    The Tomato Charlie's location at Palm Beach doesn't deliver. There used to be one in Tanki Flip that did deliver (we used them alot over the years) but I believe that location is closed now.

    Pizza Bob's does deliver (but we were not overly impressed with their pizza on our last trip - lack of flavor and our order was wrong - we will probably skip them going forward.) Alot of people like them though...

    Corleone's Pizza (located in The Village) does deliver. Call 735-5655 for delivery (minimum of 2 pizzas)

    Domino's (located in the high rise hotel area) also delivers. Call 586-0333 for delivery.

    Linda's does not deliver but you can order ahead and get it "to go".
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    playa linda, aruba beach club, wacky wahoos, driftwood,french steakhouse, any happy hour
    little ceasar's delivers. I've used them. I'm at playa linda and they're dowtown.

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    I LOVE Pizza Bob's!! Delicious! They told us they would deliver to La Cabana but the night we wanted deliver it was late and they said they had stopped delivery for the night. Luckily we were able to pick it up

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