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Thread: Plate Sharing

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    Plate Sharing

    Hello everyone! My wife and I, along with my parents, will be arriving at the Marriott Surf Club on 6/12/2013. Although we've been to Aruba several times (8-9), we've never considered sharing a dinner entree. In the past few months, we've both significantly cut down our daily calorie intake and have gotten used to much smaller dinners. We would still like to enjoy some of our favorite restaurants on the island, but I'm not sure if any or all of them will allow you to share a plate. Does anyone know of any places that will NOT allow this? I understand there could be a small fee, but that's still better than both of us ordering an entire entree and wasting half of each of them. Yes, we could take the leftovers back to the room, but they probably wouldn't get eaten. Any thoughts/suggestions are appreciated!

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    Smaller portions are sometimes a real issue as many restaurants feel more is better.

    I guess your best bet is to ask when you make a reservation. Another option is to eat an appetizer or two for your meal in place of an entree. We do that and have the added benefit of variety by ordering several appys and sharing them..

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    It seems to be frowned upon. I know I've seen the statement "no sharing" on more than one menu. Sole Mare lets you share but charges a 75% surcharge. I would suggest going to Salt and Pepper for tapas or some place like Amuse Bistro where you an order appetizer portions. Either Carambola or Promenadel (can't remember which) has an all you can eat appetizer night which I have heard is good.

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    We have split dinners at serveral restaurants in Aruba, but they normally charge a 'split fee' of $5, or more. You will need to ask at each restaurant.

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    My husband and I do the same thing. We split entrees all the time here in the states. I never thought about it being frowned upon, I guess I never figured they would care. I will remember this when we get to Aruba

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    A few aruba visits ago, my husband and I were following weightwatchers with much diligence. We shared a few dinners and at the few places where we did, we were not charged for a plate sharing. We did expect it as the menus clearly stated the plate sharing price.

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