Stopped up to the beach bars at the Playa Linda today. Spoke with Claudia who was working at the Basi-Ruti bar which is the one to the south, toward the Hyatt. She tells me the operation of the bars is now out to bid and Playa Linda will then decide who gets the contract.

I've always enjoyed the time spent with Claudia at the bar where she works (actually officially called the Kibrihacha Bar). There's not a friendlier bar tender out there. Rafi, the fellow who operates those two bars is a gem as well. Great guy, and the prices at these places was always reasonable.

I hope Rafi gets the contract and keeps Claudia and the others on. I'm sending a note of appreciation to Playa Linda with the hopes of a good word doing some good.

Does anyone have any more info about this? Perhaps some Playa Linda owners?