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    We love goat cheese in just about everything, too! We usually put it on our pizzas, in our salads, you name it - it's good on and in everything!
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    Tangy is the perfect way to describe goat cheese. I second the suggestion of going to Trader Joes or Wegman's, if one is nearby, and sampling some.

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    we had some tonight on a tossed salad with goat cheese and grilled chicken breast...very little balasmaic vinegar dressing needed.

    when i make greek salad, my husband asks i use goat instead of feta cheese, but i rarely oblige.

    today in the pool during water aerobics we were talking about hog head cheese OMGOSH google it for how it is made.
    that is something i would not even want to try, but here in central maine where there is a big french canadian population............they love it.
    omgosh gag

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    Quote Originally Posted by KATH2ME View Post
    rob o or cindy o,

    excuse me for what might seem like a stupid question, in ref. to mirandi, which I would like to consider adding to my choices, am such a plain eater, what does goat cheese taste like, you made mention of a warm goat cheese salad
    This particular dish had a large piece of goat cheese encrusted and I think fried. The texture of goat cheese is smooth, not a sharp taste, but a distinct taste. Its a pleasing taste, not odd. Hope that helps..
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