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Thread: The Promenade

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    The Promenade

    For the past couple of years I saw this resturant The Promenade but never tried it so we have a group of 12 couples that go out together and we decided to try this place and they put us at one long table and the food was fantastic and everyone was served all at once and the food was very hot I was pleasantly suprised. It is located by the food stores next to the Divi Village and Divi Dutch the food was just great.
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    I'm glad you liked it. We tried it for the first time in July and went back the second time. That is really neat how you keep getting hot food and smaller portions so you can try alot of new things. I hear some people say slow service but if you mention that you saw this on the Aruba board I think they cater to you alot better. We waited a few times but if you want, order 2 more when they bring you the last ones. Just a thought.
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