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Thread: The Promenade

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    The Promenade

    Any comments on this restaurant? It looks very nice! (I've already visited their web-site and

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    We had only a "so, so" experience there last June due to bad/horrible service. But others love it.

    La promade restaurent ?

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    One of our favorites. We eat here at least once every trip. Very gracious hostess and we've always been given a most royal service. Fab brunch!

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    Good & Bad

    Just returned from Aruba last night, and made it a point to go to the Promenade twice. Yes, twice. 1st time was last Monday 3/16/09 for a 7:00 reservation, and when we got there they were CLOSED. (Closed Mondays), so with reservation in hand we went back Tuesday night. When we were asked if we had reservations, and I told him of our reservation for Monday and presented our confirmation the host / manager, was very gracious, no excuse, no I don't understand what happened, just an apology, with I will need to check on how this happened. After being seated, and ordered our 1st 2 apps, the Manager returned to ask if all was going well, and offer us a bottle of wine, and again his apologies. So bottom line, yeah I would go, because we did enjoy the appertizer meal, but just don't go on Monday.

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