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Thread: Question for Grouper Lovers

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    Before we started going to Aruba, DW wouldn't touch fish with the proverbial ten foot pole and we live on the coast. Now every time we visit, even before we land, she's talking about the grouper. Please try it, I'm sure you will love it. Barney's and Pelican Nest are my two favorite places to get it, almond or parmesan crusted are my favorites ways of preparation, although I'm sure even fried on a flip flop would be divine.

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    I don't usually like fish, but I tried grouper in Aruba and love it. My favorite is the mango cream cheese grouper at Barefoot. I also like it fried into fish nuggets or fish bites. This year I plan to try it prepared different ways at several more places.

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    Thanks Everyone, sounds delicious!!!! I do like haddock, cod and even tilapia so I'm sure I will like this as well. So many choices of how to have it, they all sound great! My DH who is a crossword puzzle nut just told me a popular clue is "salt water bass" and he says the answer is grouper, who knew! I will be sure to let you all know how I chose to have it and how we liked it.

    See you at Divi soon Peg! Maybe we can have one of your crème d'methe creations over ice cream together, yum!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traceyd14 View Post
    I love fish of all kind, but grouper is my favorite. We only have it in Aruba, but I will be,checking around at home. I usually don't eat fried fish but pan fried grouper with light breading is so light, that I do enjoy it. My recommendation to try it would be the Gary's Delight appetizer at Pelicans Nest pier on the bar side. Its only about $13 so you aren't out for a whole meal if you dont like it.
    The grilled grouper dinner at Pelicans Nest was only $21 in June.

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    Grouper is my Aruba favorite, followed closely by wahoo and mahi-mahi. For me, a lot of my taste has to do with how it's prepared. Ask your waiter for a description and pick what suits your taste
    Absolutely love Grouper and four trips have never been to Wacky Wahoo's but will make it a point this trip. I owned a charter boat for 12 years taking passengers out cod and haddock fishing. Needless to say I eat a lot of fish. Those cod and haddock days may be over for a while in New England due to the strict regulations National Marine Fisheries Service just imposed on the commercial and recreational sectors. I have shifted my business to flounder, striped bass and tuna. Anyways I will not eat Tilapia because of what they are fed and often farmed in dirty water.

    I believe you will love grouper and you will have to try it grilled on a sandwich which is my favorite. I also enjoy the Barracuda and Wahoo. A few short weeks to go.
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