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    Quick restaurant reviews

    We stayed at the Surf Club for the first 13 days and then the Hyatt for 3. You can totally tell we are high rise people from the below. Our kids are 7 1/2 and 5 1/2 and all of our meal choices are made with them (and other diners) in mind.

    We still LOVE Salt and Pepper. We ordered tapas and our kids (7 and 5) were willing to try a few new things and liked it so much they put it at the top of their list to before we went home, ranked up there with building sand castles! The second time we went we sat at the bar, the bartender was a Dutch woman and I wish I knew her name but it was an enjoyable lunch talking with her.

    We also LOVED Linda's Pancakes. My 5yo liked the cheese pizza so much she would not let Dad eat any because she wanted to keep it for leftovers. The pancakes are to die for and I am seriously craving them. My only sad moment of our entire 16 days was on our last morning we planned to go to Linda's for the third time (had already eaten dinner and lunch) and we got there to realize they are closed on Sunday! I am an idiot because I had read that before but did not think about the fact that our last day was Sunday. Ugh, still mad at myself because we would have gone the day before. Oh, and my husband ate their chicken sate and the chicken curry and he said they were both very good and he is sad he never ate the pancakes. And the people there are very nice, the sort of people that you feel you know when you are talking to them.

    Madame Janette's was excellent as always. We went first seating again at 5:30 because of the kids but next time I think we will go a little later so it is not so bright out. We were in the shade so that was not an issue but the ambiance would be better at dusk.

    We tried Bugaloe and liked it so much we went back our last day. A warning that they run out of stuff (no pizza our first time) and they do not have desserts but it is a great casual place with an awesome view of the sunset. I was shocked how empty it was at sunset but great for us. Their grilled cheese is an open-face french baguette with slices of gouda, simple and delicious. My 5yo tried their frickendel and loved it, she took it off the roll and ate it like a pickle, lol. The kids really liked this place too. And my husband said the chicken sate was amazing.

    We still really enjoyed Casa Tua. The first day the kids each ate an entire pizza, I originally ordered one pizza for them to share and then had to get a second which they finished. The osso bucco is delicious there too.

    For a cheap excellent breakfast we ate at the cafe in Super Foods one morning.

    West Deck is beautiful but I have to say that we found some of there food incredible and others just ok. We ordered small dishes and shared all of them. If we went for over two weeks again I would give them another try mostly because of the location but would not do it if we were only there for a week.

    J.H. Yees was good, we ate Chinese food, but I do not know if we would go there again. I cannot really describe why but I guess it just did not wow me. It felt like a PF Chang knockoff and I really like PF Chang. The best description I can give is that we have a Longhorn in my town, it is not bad but if I wanted to go to a chain steakhouse I would go to Outback, Longhorn is second tier.

    Taste of Belgium had very good food but insanely slow service. We did go during the Nederlands game and it was an intense game so I am sure the service is usually better. And the waiter did apologize at the end, I was annoyed during the meal but kept reminding myself we are on vacation and in Aruba. The entire staff kept walking out of the restaurant to see the game in the mall because the Belgium TV was about 15 seconds slower than the Dutch TV channel.

    Moomba was sort of a mess because we went during the World Cup. I picked a day to eat there when there was no game but they had a huge screen and stadium seating set up and it just was not as enjoyable. While they have just ok food I have enjoyed it there in the past because of the atmosphere and it is a kid-friendly place to eat with your feet in the sand.

    Texas de Brasil was a sad disappointment. We usually love that place and it was pretty so-so this time. We planned on going a second time but after the first we decided to skip it.

    The day we arrived we ate at Champions for convenience and because it has become our first day tradition. The food is typical American bar food and it is good for that. I had the fish taco and it was shockingly good, way better than the one I had at the Surf Club pool bar.

    Le Creperie is a complete mess The crepes are good but do not expect to get what you ordered. And a man walking around it trying to check on people and calm down pissed off customers did not speak English, I think he was the owner but he told me he does not know much English but I think I finally got him to understand that they did not put bananas in my crepe but I could not be bothered waiting for another. The people in front of me had 6 family members and their order was a complete mess. If you want something like a crepe, go to Linda's and get Dutch pancakes.

    The Gelato place across from the Radisson was really good.

    Oh, and Scots Brats is great like everyone says. The people are very very nice and it was an enjoyable inexpensive meal. We had breakfast and lunch there and ate both at the counter. My only complaint is that they use margarine instead of butter in their grilled cheese and I could taste it immediately.
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    thanks for the reviews!

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    awesome report



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    Thanks for your report and restaurant reviews.

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    Great, comprehensive review! I was actually surprised by it because I thought you were definitely headed toward an "I LOVE MADAM JEANETTE'S" review but... You shocked me! LOL

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