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Thread: Reasons for sending a meal back at a restaurant

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    One time I send my clam chowder back it was cold... my son who was only 10 tells me Mom don't do that... you won't be able to tell the difference.. (spit)
    Just yesterday I order french toast flipped it over and it wasn't cook.. laughed really hard. The manager just happen to walk by and saw it. He saw us laughing and knew we weren't upset and gave us the whole breakfast for free..

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    According to the wine industry, 8-10% of all bottled wine may be "spoiled" due to the cork drying out - that why screw caps have started coming into play more. So do not feel badly about sending a wine back that doesn't taste right-that's why they give you a taste for your approval. Remember-it's your hard earned money that is paying the bill.

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    I have not as yet needed to send back a meal in Aruba. I wouldn't hesitate to send back an undercooked steak or burger though. For the most part I try not to order anything I know I might be really picky about.

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    Had to send my petite tenderloin back at El Gaucho this year- I ordered it medium and it came to the table red- like ready to jump from the plate. We have never had a problem there before but this year we found overall that the meat was over salted - probably we are more sensitive this as we no longer have a salt shaker on our table. Anyhow I sent my meat back and it came back perfect. Three different people stopped by our table to check if it was okay- very concerned about my happiness with it which was nice. Not sure we will return do to the seasoning but hey you can't please everyone. We had plenty of enjoyable dinners there in the past so no complaints( this getting old stuff and needing to watch your salt intake kind of stinks)!

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    we have sent some meals back mainly for being under cooked. If it's over cooked and dry same thing back to the kitchen. Sometimes when we walk into a restaurant and see it's really crowded and wait staff is going crazy, I'll order up one. So if I want medium I'll order medium well. The cooks are trying to get the meals off the grill and maybe sometimes it will be under cooked. So it's a chance I take and most of the time it comes out the way I wanted it in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by act1966 View Post
    ...We also strive to be "not-high-maintenance". Having worked in the service industry, I know how hard service and bar staff work. There was one particularly memorable night at Tierra Del Sol where a table was completely mental and I thought, "If the waitress doesn't shoot them, I will." The whole restaurant was aware of what was going on and complimented the waitress on how well they handled the situation. She was fantastic and I think we all tipped her higher to off-set that table.
    Bad food is not an excuse for bad behavior. If you have a problem with the food, you should politely speak to the server and ask for a manager.

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    I have refused food. There have been a few times there were four of us, everyone got their meal, finished their dinner & then they come out with my food. I simply said, its too late, everyone's done, take it back & take it off my check. I wasn't going to sit there and eat alone. That is the one thing that annoys me more than anything. And don't say its coming. Its not. And the funny part is I usually am the one with the simplest meal.

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    Cold soup that should be hot, other than that usually don't say too much. One thing that drives me crazy is when the wait staff comes to ask you how everything is too soon, haven't even had time to try my food yet (lol)

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    Most nights we just get take-outs from the Chinese restaurant, there's one about half mile off LG Smith on Rte4. We also get take out from The Old Cunucu House. If they screw up the order, it's too late but 95% of the time we're satisfied

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    I'll send a dish back if it's undercooked or severely overcooked. I was once served a thick filet of red snapper only to find that the middle was frozen! This was in a landlocked US location--not on Aruba. I'll also send stuff back if it's not as ordered, usually. I don't like raw tomatoes so order sandwiches and salads without them. If I get tomatoes, I pick them off if I can. If they're chopped into many little pieces, I'm going to send the dish back.

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