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    Please give any recommendations on the following places, including wise choices, good prices, overall rec's:
    Smokey Joe's (do you really eat on picnic benches and order at a window?).....Yemanja (sp?)....Papiamento....Ventanas del Mar....Passions
    Also, Texas de Brazil or Amizonia?

    Thank you!!

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    Smokey Joe, Yemanja, Papiamento, Passions, Amazonia are very good.

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    Texas de Brazil is just like Amazonia.... go to the TdB website and sign up for the TdB Eclub and they will send you a 25% off dinner coupon... it's good for about 30 days! Still pricey, but well worth the experience! Smokey Joe's has great ribs... table service and decent prices... and some fantastic potions! Dunno about Passions, but will after next Saturday night! Decided on Passions after reading some fantistic reviews and seeing the menu on line! One of the things I enjoy most about Aruba is the dining options..... so many great choices available..... Amstel Bright too!

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