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    Hi: Just back from 2 weeks in Aruba!! Wonderful time. Went one night to Rembrants in the new Mall area had a terrific time and the food was awesome. They have music on Mon. Wed. and Friday. The Wed we were there they had the Equator Band and they were really good. Stopped there for lunch before we headed out to the airport to have a quick bite to eat and lunch was great!! The wonderful barmaid named Mina was terrific, she mentioned that she know a few people on this site and is familiar with it. She used to work at Rumba's. Well time to start planning next years trip!!
    Terry Joz

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    I have spent many many evenings at Cafe Rembrandt's since they opened in December. I've never there late enough to hear the bands - the time they start around 10:30 I'm usually in a Casino. The food is o.k. nothing great but I always have fun there and they do have free Wi-Fi and they do have a great staff. Hi to all that read this board.

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    Thanks for the info. Sounds like fun!

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