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Thread: Restaurant choices Xmas and NY weeks

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    ok, here are more details on my dinners:

    Barefoot was New Year's Eve and we sat outside. Getting our table was a little slower than usual but once we sat down dinner went smoothly. Food was outstanding as usual. Most of us had their tomotoe soup, which was delicious and one person had the crab cakes which I tasted. They had curry in them and I thought I wouldn't like but they were very good. Main courses were everything from lamb to all sorts of fish. Everyone loved their food. This year they have changed their lamb from a lamb medley to rack of lamb, which I am told by my two sons is better.

    We went to Wacky Wahoos three times, two with a reservation and one without. On Christmas Eve we decided to "wing it" and their were tables. Without a doubt the best fish, imo. Their biggest issue is that they don't answer the phone and don't have email access. I definitely think this place needs to get into the 21st century. My friends had a reservation for 8 people and were trying to get hold of them for days to tell them they only needed the reservation for 4 but couldn't get them to answer. As stated, they didn't have Wahoo on many nights which was disappointing but we had barracuda, scallops, grouper and swordfish during our visits. DH didn't love his swordfish but he is very particular on the fish he likes. One negative I will share is that on one night we ordered both soups (black bean and corn chowder) and they were watered down that night. Some friends went on the same night and said the same thing. That was our last visit on this trip there but our friends went back and the soup was "regular" again. Perhaps that night they thought they might run out and watered it down? Unfortunately, with no email I can't contact them.

    Anna Maria's, we went there twice and we have never seen them so busy!! Food was amazing and we had all sorts of delicious pastas. Prices have gone up this year but we noticed that most of the restaurants have increased their prices too. We were large groups both nights so service was a bit slower than usual. Favourite Italian on the island.

    Blossoms Japanese was excellent. We love going there for a fun, fast dinner. We also wanted to support the owner who has had a rough time with the new owners of the building. It was nice seeing more people in the restaurant and I hope his business will thrive again.

    Yemanja Woodfired Grill was excellent. We sat outside and we had a variety of soups, which we all loved. For dinners we had fish with a few meat dishes (2 sons won't eat fish) and we all loved the food. My only "negative" is they had a truffle risotto with a few of the dishes which I found too over powering. I could only eat a small amount of the risotto as I found it too rich. The waiter did agree with me on this. Next time I would ask for it to be substituted.

    Quinta Del Carmen was a delite! You arrive at this beautiful mansion with bright lights shining on the name while soft lighting on the lawn. You enter this beautiful old house and walk through to a lovely outside garden with soft little lights above the seating area. Reminiscent of Madame Janettes but without the tables on top of each other. The other area has lighting and interesting triangle canopies. Very beautiful outside. There is seating inside but more limited. We sat in a private dinning room that hold 12 people and it was very nice. There is another private dinning room that hold 24, I believe. Also very nice. Food was delicious. Their dishes are different but somewhat similar to Barefoot. They tried some specials at Barefoot for months to see what people liked so they would know what to add to this restaurant's menu. I had shrimp with pineapple with coconut sauce and it was excellent. Once again, we had just about everything on the menu between the 12 people dining. Everyone loved their food.

    Hope this helps with people's restaurant decisions. Couldn't get to all of our places every visit. We want to try restaurant at Tierra del Sol again. Based on Cindy and Rob's recommendation. We have gone on and off over the years with some years good and some not so much. Beautiful place so we are hoping that this will be a great restaurant to add to our repertoire.
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    Good choices.... love that you went to Blossoms.....

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    Great post
    heading to Quinta del Carmen tonite with a party of 8... And they are tough food critics
    last nite at AnnaMarias- perfect, absolutely perfect.

    as always Randi, DH and Rob and I are on the same wavelength.

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    anxious to here your review of QDCarmen!

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