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    Restaurant for Easter Sunday dinner

    Looking for something that will be good for our group of 5, two couples and one child. For some reason Italian seems the most "traditional" to me, being part Italian, but wondered if there was a better option. Was thinking of Gianni's but haven't heard the best reviews. What about Sole Mare? Thanks!

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    I personally don't know which restaurants are open that day, however I would like to tell you that Ruins del Mar and Aquarius have a big Easter brunch.
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    may be try Azzure at playa linda, same owners and same menu as Gianni's and Sole Mar.

    Hyatt brunch is great!
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    If you are planning the brunch at the Hyatt, I would make reservations ASAP. It might even be sold out already. I have been to Aruba times during Easter (and I will be there again next week). I don't remember any restaurant that is normally open on Sundays being closed on Easter.

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