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Thread: Restaurant ratings

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    palm beach, eagle beach, any happy hour
    Quote Originally Posted by Chef Kasi View Post
    I don't really remember that we standardized our Menu just for the record we have a Special Menu going on from day one what we change frequently next to Mj's Signature Main Menu .
    We eat at MJ's on every trip to Aruba and I have never eaten the same dish twice as there are so many great options. We will be back there in July and I'm sure there will be more new things to try. I'm also confused by the "programmed kitchen" and "standardized menu" comments.

    See you in July Chef Kasi!

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Quote Originally Posted by jdoll View Post
    Madam Jennette - chef 8, locale 7, experience 8 a busy programmed kitchen kicks out solid dishes. We have not been for a few years since they standardized the menu but you should enjoy the meal &experience.
    Quote Originally Posted by jeffnev View Post
    I'm also confused by the "programmed kitchen" and "standardized menu" comments.
    Hopefully jdoll will be back to respond, but perhaps the reference was to the "Signature Main Menu going on from day one".

    I would think "main menu" and standard(ized) menu are words which may be interchanged.

    Either way it should be noted that the poster did not say that the meal or experience was bad, as a matter of fact, it is a recommendation of theirs.

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    Eagle Beach Savenetta Palm Beach Countryside of island
    Flying Fishbone - 9 on food, love the atmosphere and sunsets
    Madam Jeanettes - 9 on food, 8 on local
    Gianni's - 5, started out good but hasn't been consistent
    Chalet Suisse - 8, consistently good food and service, go every trip
    Wacky Wahoos - 9 on food, make reservations as place is small and has gotten popular, good prices


    Chef's Table - good food and nice atmosphere
    Pinchos - nice outdoor atmosphere and good Grouper
    Papiementos - good food and dining outside around the lit-up pool
    Mirandi's - good food and nice outdoor dining near water on deck
    Old Man and the Sea - next door around the bend from Flying Fishbone - good food and again nice dining on the beach

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    palm beach, mangel halto for snorkling


    Marino, Now that you are back, please let us know where u ate and how the food was. Kent
    Snorkel Mangel Halto, day or night with a waterscooter. Check out our website. E-mail Stuart at or call Stuart local: 745-7459 Or visit: 50th trip Dec 11, 2017

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    baby beach, the amazing rock formations, but pretty much everything else too
    We've been to Nos Cunucu and the chef was great, servers very friendly, whoever says they don't like tourists does not know what they're talking about! I'd go back in a heartbeat!

    Quote Originally Posted by marino1252 View Post
    Has anyone been to the aruban chef?? Looking to have some aruban food. I was going to go to noose cucunu but bar tender said its a locals place and don't like tourist.

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    Boca Catalina, Arashi Beach Manchebo Beach, Eagle Beach
    Quote Originally Posted by kent View Post
    Marino, Now that you are back, please let us know where u ate and how the food was. Kent
    Apparently he didn't like anything about Aruba, according to his Hate Aruba post.

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