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Thread: ~~ Restaurant Spotlight DIVI AI/TAMARIJN restaurants/buffets

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    ~~ Restaurant Spotlight DIVI AI/TAMARIJN restaurants/buffets

    What are your opinions of the restaurants and buffets at the Divi or Tam?

    We have stayed there in the early 2000s and always loved the Red Parrott and Papparazzi.
    The buffets for dinner imo were sometimes good and sometimes only mediocre, but breakfast and lunch were always ok.

    From what I have read, in recent years things have improved significantly.

    If you have stayed and dined there, what are your opinions?

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    In my opinion food at the buffet has improved over the years and reading recent posts from this year sounds like it continues to improve. Breakfast is great (which for me is so strange as I hate breakfast food at home) but I love Anita's eggs benedicts and have it every day. The best eggs benedict I have ever had, in fact, so spoiled by hers if I ever try to have it back home I regret it so stopped trying. After that huge breakfast I usually enjoy the buffet salad bar which I love. For dinners I honestly have to say we mostly do the buffet, DH prefers it as it is quick and easy. We do go off site for dinner usually 2 or 3 nights out of our 10 day stay (try to pick nights buffet does not sound too good). I really would like to try the coconut shrimp at Red Parrott this year. Around 5 years ago we did try the Asian restaurant at Tam where you cook your food at your table it was disappointing to us. Paparazzi I loved but service was way too long for DH

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    When we were there in November we both felt the food had improved quite a bit. A few years prior we were so unhappy with the food that we went elsewhere for dinner. It was nice to try all the restaurants in the area though. Oh well back to the present. We find that we gravitate towards the buffet most nights because we don't want to be tied to a specific time to eat. They have started to mix up the menu a bit by adding some new items for a better variety. The quality has improved. The carving station choices were consistently good. Some days I'm not really all that hungry and they usually have a nice selection of cheeses and salami that works for me. I've always liked the breakfast buffet and I'm surprised when people say it's the same old thing since they have such a huge variety. The offerings include an egg station for fried eggs or omelettes; eggs Benedict or poached eggs; scrambled eggs, pastries, french toast, waffles, crepes, breakfast potatos, sausages, bacon, hash, fruit,yogurt, cold cuts, cheese, fruit and cereal. How can you not find something you like? We generally get to Red Parrot at least once for the coconut shrimp and to see our favorite server, Yaeldo. I want to like Paparazzi but somehow it seems to come up short. Given the good reports lately will give it another try this trip. Just 3 weeks for us until we can enjoy that breakfast buffet.

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