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    Restaurant Spotlight ~~ Hung Paradise ~~

    Located at Seaport Marketplace near the casino entrance.


    It has become our first night with forum member Sugar (kathy) and our last night dinner.
    Our favorite meals there include the Loempia, the tomato soup and the spicy beef and broccoli.

    Often we will get the tomato soup "to go" and that will be tomorrow's lunch.

    It is terrific and quite inexpensive.

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    I've heard so much about the tomato soup it's on our list for November

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    We tried it out on our last trip this past March, per your recommendation, and really enjoyed it. Really can't go wrong there. We will be back.

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    Love this place, like LOVE IT!!!

    Tomato soup to die for, chicken and cashews, fried rice.... Just a great place. I believe they were on vacation when we were there last week. Cheap fast eats.

    Jane, whom believe owns it, is so friendly and happy to see us every time we go.

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