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Thread: Restaurant Spotlight~~ Scott's Brats~~

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    Restaurant Spotlight~~ Scott's Brats~~

    Located on Palm Beach @ Playa Linda.

    There are really no words.....other than YUM.

    Open Monday thru Saturday.

    Try a breakfast sandwich, then go back for lunch.

    Reasonable prices............and awesome bloody mary's.

    So, who has been?
    Who wishes they were there now?

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    Under a palapa on Palm beach
    yes and yes...we've been and wish we were there now! We've been more times than I can count for breakfast, lunch, and great company. The vodka and lemonades are a perfectly refreshing beach beverage. We got adventurous and tried the Doc's Brat with peanut butter and cream cheese which tastes a whole lot better than it sounds. We love the quick and easy cooked to order breakfast sandwiches and burritos right on the beach at the most reasonable prices you are going to find in the resort area. We like to go mid morning between the main breakfast and lunch times to visit with the owners Scott and Leslie. They have been welcoming to us since our first visit, and now its like stopping by to visit old friends. One of these days they are going to give my husband a job - he asks every time.

    This is not a restaurant, but they do have a few bar seats available. We've stopped there to eat and grabbed our stuff to go at times.

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    West Deck in the afternoon
    I don't think anyone works harder than Leslie and Scott yet they always manage to say hello. It's a great little spot. Nice cold Heinekens and a Doc's Brat, Delish!!

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    What can I say.... I/we love the place. We could sit on those stools and chat with them send anyone else who'll talk to us.
    i too love the lemonade with vodka and Rob loves the bloody Mary's.
    i will eat breakfast in the room and mid morning go down there and have that breakfast burrito!! Yum
    A must visit location

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    Scott and Leslie are exceptionally friendly. You want to learn about Aruba.....sit there for an hour, enjoy the food and drink, and enjoy the conversation.
    Please contact via e-mail at

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    Of all of the places we've eaten on the island, we have been to Scotts Brats more than anywhere else than maybe our room. Scott and Leslie are the ultimate hosts and are always ready to chat if business allows. They always have great suggestions on places for dinner, especially if a new place has opened since our last trip. We enjoy joining them for dinner, drinks or a football game if their schedule permits. We have had most of the items on the menu and for me I love the breakfast burrito with extra jalapenos and the Italian beef with hot giardiniera, DW has Scott make her a breakfast sandwich with extra jalapenos and her favorite for lunch is Doc's brat. Her drink is the Bloody Mary in the morning while I am addicted to the vodka lemonade. We both wish we could be there every day. It is my second most favorite place in Aruba.

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    We stopped there for the first time during our last trip in March. It was the wrong time for a first impression, as it was very busy. All of the chairs were taken and it was to busy to even think about a conversation with Scott and Leslie.
    They do have a great setup/location and work extremely hard. Most of their food is generally what we don't eat, we ended up with grilled cheese sandwiches. We'll definitely go back again, hopefully when it's not as crowded for at least a cold Balashi and another look at the menu. The wife likes Bloody Marrys, so I'm sure that will be tried too.


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    I wish that I could say that I agree with all of the rave reviews on TripAdvisor, but my experience was nearly the opposite. First, I will concede that my wife and I arrived about 20 minutes before closing. Obviously, that was a serious mistake. It seemed as though the only focus of the person on the other side of the counter was to leave. They certainly made us feel as though we were an inconvenience. We were served mildly cool beers and a couple of brats that tasted as though they had been initially prepared hours ago and just kept warm. We will give them another chance when we return in December. Hopefully, they will taste more like something from Wisconsin.

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    I guess they're okay.. lol
    leave next week...

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