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    Hi folks,

    We are vegetarians, so we already know that it will be tough to find good restaurants. But do any of you have any personal recommendations that might make it easier for us? Thanks!

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    Almost every restaurant will offer a "vegetarian" special. For example La Terraza features Pasta Primavera, a Portobella Mushroom Burger and a veggie wrap, Casa Tua has an excellent Pasta Primavera as well and superb pizzas and the Taj Mahal has over twenty vegetarian dishes ranging from normal to extra spicy, you determine that with the chef.
    If you have any special requests of any kinds, please do tell the person taking your reservations at any restaurant and let your hotel know as well, they are pretty efficient and savvy concerning special dining needs.
    Bon Appetit, Margaret

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    Casa Tua's Fettucine ALfredo is to die for !!!!! Veggie pizza, YUM...2 locations, downtown behind Renaissance and high rise area. LOVED that place !

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