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    Restaurants to walk to from the Surf Club

    One of our favorite things to do at night while we're in Aruba is to walk along the beach to dinner. We look forward to strolling down the beach as the sun sets. We are happy to cross over behind the hotels as well- e.g. to go to Gianni's or somewhere like that.

    Some of the restaurants we have enjoyed in the past are: Sunset Grille, Blossoms, Gianni's, Ruinas del Mar, and sometimes a casual night at Hard Rock Cafe.

    So my question to the very knowledgeable forum members is what are we missing? What other restaurants are worth trying within walking distance from the Surf Club. We're willing to walk all the way to the Westin, but we like to stay within a few blocks of the beach.

    Thanks so much in advance for any and all suggestions!

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    Catalina Beach (snorkling) Lighthouse Beach (Marriott) casino's Mirandi's, Moomba's,Wacky Wahoo,Barefoot, Suise Chalet Marriott Ocean Club pool bar DePalm Island
    Try Rembrants it is very good and reasonable pricies, Busters is good also its a sports bar with decent food.

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    palm beach, eagle beach, any happy hour
    I recommend Amuse Bistro and Smokey Joes. Both are a 5 minute walk from the SC.

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    In addition to the above great suggestions, we tried Aqua Grill last trip and had a great dinner. We've already made reservations for our trip next week. For casual dining, we also like Iguana Cantina (Paseo Herencia Mall). If you get a balcony seat, it's great for people watching too.
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    We like Rembrandt's for a casual dinner and Papillon for more upscale.
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    Any Aruba beach...
    Da Vinci too for casual and affordable Italian fare.

    Restaurants Palm beach

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    Eagle Beach, Baby Beach, Arashi Beach Tierra Del Sol golf course


    We like the grilled grouper at the Pelicans nest on the pier between Playa Linda and hoiday Inn. It comes with grilled veggies, rice and a roll and is about $20. Get a seat next to the water at the end at about 6:30 and watch the sunset. If you throw pieces of your roll into the water, hundreds of fish will come to the surface. Sometimes the waiters will do it too.

    Fishes and More has a great caprese salad as well as good food.

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    We love to sit outside at Tomato Charlies around 11:00 pm and watch the people go by. Pizza is good too.

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    Under a palapa on Palm beach
    Iguana Catina, right across the street from Holiday Inn had delicious grouper with mexican salsa. They also had a sign for all you can eat fajitas for one night, but we didn't make it back.

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