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    The Ritz - Les Crustaces

    Anyone checked out Les Crustaces at the new Ritz Carlton??

    We are planning on dining there in a few days wanted to share what was sent to us today. It may appear pricey, but in the Ritz tradition it is for those truly special events as well as those you have properly budgeted.

    1. is the "Dinner on the Beach" and while that is pretty common in Aruba, the experience they are promoting has some interesting twist.
    Pricing is based on set menu and starts at $125 per person. Wine, Musicians and other touches are available.....obviously for a price but dining starts at 6:30pm to take advantage of the Aruba sunset.

    2. On the other Les Crustaces is one of several new restaurants on the property. Again......prepare your budget accordingly.

    Actual reviews or our experience will be posted in the next couple of days.

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    interested in hearing your review of Les Crutsaces

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    We went in February for my spouse's birthday. We had just arrived on the Sunday but, as it was our sixth time in Aruba, we dropped the luggage, freshened up (i.e. had a drink LOL) and headed out. The thing you have to bear in mind is that the name "Ritz Carlton" sets a certain level of expectation derived from visits to RCs in other cities. This is Aruba so things are a little more relaxed including what we'd normally consider five star service. The food was great, the service was okay and the setting, as with all beachfront restaurants in Aruba, spectacular. They've done a beautiful job on the outdoor landscaping. The Les Crustaces interior was a little weird: the acoustics are horrible... no carpeting so sound reverberates everywhere and they didn't fill the restaurant with furniture... there's a lot of space all over the place... but it also doesn't catch the sound so it can be a little hard to hear. We also walked through the hotel - it's definitely a Marriott and all that implies. The casino was a disappointment... expensive table bets and, frankly, the crowd wasn't up to RC snuff. All that being said, we really enjoyed the food but probably wouldn't go back or recommend people stay there - the rates are RC level premium but the setting (other than the beach) doesn't warrant those prices.

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    We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in the Caymans and it was over the top. The restaurants there were fabulous, including Eric Ripert's Blue. It was expensive but great food! I was wondering what the Ritz was going to be like in Aruba. It sounds more like the San Juan Ritz than the Caymans. We spent the night in San Juan before a week long cruise.

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