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Thread: Rudy's Corner

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    Rudy's Corner

    I've been roaming about again and needed a big snack. Stopped in to Rudy's Corner in San Nicolaas. Some of you may have passed this place on the way to Baby Beach. As you're headed into San Nicolaas and come to that traffic circle you take the second right, the one that runs you through the upper part of town. You'll pass the sports park on your left then an empty lot. Rudy's is next to the empty lot, on the left.

    They serve Colombian style food here and the prices are very reasonable. You can also get beer and soft drinks. Worth a stop to or from the beach or just for an afternoon snack if you're on the roll.

    Photos are on my blog at:

    Bon dia and don't eat too much.

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    The menu looks really good!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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