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    That's so sad! We have fun wandering downtown for a day while we're there. Unfortunately this time we went on Sunday not even thinking that the majority of places would be closed. There was a cruise ship in and people were really bummed that so much was closed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvsun View Post
    We were there just the other day. I have Doreen's phone number (waitress) we will give her a call to find out what happened! so sad, its our favorite place.
    Let us know what you hear. We love Rumba and were looking foward to being back there in less than 3 weeks now.
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    Yemanji is always busy as well as Casa Tua. We tried Rumba's last year and were the only ones in there. Service was not wonderful (with an empty restaurant how hard is it to get a drink) and the food was just okay. We have been to Yemanji and Casa Tua a number of times as well as El Gaucho (always hopping). I hear Cilo is doing well also. Casa Tua will be opening another restaurant where Waterfront Crab House was. I was at Palm Beach Plaza yesterday and alot of the stores were closed with no explanation - not that there are that many stores there yet. A woman sitting outside of Mama's Mexico restaurant told me that it would open in 5 days. She spoke no English so the hand gesture and and five in Spanish was all I could get. People that go to Herencia are parking for free in the PB Plaza lot which is a weird parking area anyway

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    Really sad. We liked Rumbas and have been going since it opened.
    We will have to find a new lunch spot for our shopping day.

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    We enjoyed Rumba's but only made it there once. It was always on our "to do" list but wasn't that convenient for us. Sorry to hear this news since I would have enjoyed going back.

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    A lot of stores in Passeo and PBP open later in the day.

    Downtown 'rolls up the sidewalks' around 5 - 6 weekdays and
    you can almost see the tumbleweeds going down the street on

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    I tried her number 3 times today and it said that it wasn't turned on??? I will try again tomorrow..

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    casa tua is opening another rest where waterfront crabhouse used to be later this year
    scott and tricia

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