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    Loved the natural bridge before it not so much...view from lighthouse, sunset drinks at the Hyatt, tearing it up on the north side with a rental jeep...I could go on for hours....

    Question Screaming Eagle?

    Ok, just found this place listed on let me get this right - we get into bed and dinner is served on tray tables? What's next - coffee and dessert in the shower? I only see this as appealing if I'm Zeus and I'm being fanned with palm fronds and being fed grapes...what am I missing here? Has anyone been? Why is it so popular?...I mean, I guess I can see it as a benefit if you drop a fork you don't have to bend down to pick it up...whoops...oh there it is on the bed 11 inches away.

    Please enlighten me...I want to like this idea, not sure if wifey would even consider but she's kinda hands off when it comes to vacations (in more ways than one).

    Thoughts and insights are appreciated

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    They also have regular tables both inside and outside as well for dinner. We've eaten there several times and always eat at a table. Sometimes we'll take drinks into the lounge area and relax on a bed. We see some people using the beds for dinner but usually not too many.

    This was a concept that we first saw in Miami several years ago at a restaurant/club called B.E.D.

    The food is great at Screaming Eagle - one of our favorites on the island.
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    Palm Beach!!!Oh, and the airport but only when I'm arriving:)

    This is my first year trying it...

    I have been following this community board for a long time and I have always heard great things about SE. I'm gonna try it in October and report back. I will be sitting at a table.

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    We had apps there as a pre-bachlorette a few years ago with approx 20 girls - tons of fun & great service
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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