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    Screaming Eagle, redux

    Screaming Eagle hits the mark once again. Mrs. 44, friends, and I dined there last week and the photos are now up on my blog.

    The appetizers: sauteed calamari, escargot, shrimp cocktail. All delicious.
    The entrees: grilled scallops, garlic shrimp, red snapper filet, and a broiled veal chop. Again, all very tasty and beautifully presented.
    Dessert: edible chocolate cup filled with orange sorbet and topped with whipped cream. Yum.

    We ate inside as that is my preference, but exterior seating is available. This is also a great bar and the option of dining/drinking "in bed," which makes no sense to me. I do understand sitting at a bar and here you'll find good service, well-made drinks, and prices slightly lower than the hotel bars. A very good wine selection, too.

    As for the invoice for all the above meal, including 2 glasses of wine, 4 cocktails, 3 appetizers, 4 entrees, and 3 desserts... call it an even $300, including tip. A little pricey but the quality of the food, service, and atmosphere makes it a fair value. I would put this place on the list for special nights out.

    Bon dia. 44.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SanNic44 View Post
    Dessert: edible chocolate cup filled with orange sorbet and topped with whipped cream. Yum.
    That is one of my favorite desserts in Aruba! Sometimes we'll go to Screaming Eagle just for drinks and dessert at the bar. Yum is right!
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