Last night Mrs. 44, two friends, and I, headed out to Screaming Eagle Restaurant for an upscale change of pace. This place has all the atmosphere of the "lounge" scene. You can even "eat in bed" if that's what you like. The space has a great feel to it and it is backed up by a hard-working, attentive staff that I'm hard pressed to compare to any other place on the island aside of Matilde.

Anyway, two escargot appetizers were had and found to be very good (not my thing but Mrs. 44 likes that). Shrimp cocktails were also good. Entrees varied from sirloin to duck to lamb to veal. All were exceptional. (One minor fault, my steak was a little under done but that's okay.)

Bar staff produced fine beverages including an apple mojito, which again is not my thing, but my pal said it was one of the best he's had. My standard Jack/soda's were spot on and the wines by the glass met Mrs. 44's approval.

Prices are steep, especially compared to what I'm paying on the other side of the island. But for a special night out, this place is worth it, especially for the atmosphere, romance, and "scene" if that's what you're in to.

Photos and write-up are also on my blog. Check it out.