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    a nice open air and delicious steaks and fish place
    directions.........go past the airport
    at the traffic light where the balashi plant is turn left
    B55 is on the right
    great food inexpensive!


    Quote Originally Posted by arubaforfamily View Post
    Looking for good food, not fancy, for fair prices. Here are a few of my favorites:

    Kings Ribs-great grilled fish, chicken, and ribs. You can get 2 large meals for $25
    Is this still around? I heard it may have closed down.

    Pam Pam-This is in Noord and most meals are $10 US. My husband always chooses grilled fish and I get the chicken satay...every time. Chicken nuggets for the kids with fries for about $5 and they even made my then 4 year old with an adult appetite a kids meal with the grilled halibut (about the same size as the adult portion) for $5 Great open air Palapa style place.

    Peanuts-Downtown Oranjestad. Great chicken satay (I could eat this every night forever) with fries, fish salad and sandwiches and more. Very reasonable (well under $10 per person for most things)

    Please add your favorites and if you have directions, even better

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    Cafe the Plaza at the Rennaissance Mall across from the Casino. Its near the suites, not the marina tower. Music nightly while you sit outside, have a mod-cheap meal, and watch the sites go by. Great grill cheeses, cheese platters,, good, and entertainment. For those who travel to aruba, its where Tessa used to be.

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    I have always been a La Grange fan (2 locations)

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    I forgot about Cafe the Plaza. We always go there, but had a negative experience last year. TONS of bugs outside and my son knocked a plate over when his food was swarming with flies (literally 10 or so huge flies on him and the food). They acted annoyed and moved us inside. Will likely try it again, but we were really disappointed by the attitude of the waitress.

    I had heard of B55 and wanted to try it and La Grange too. Where is La Grange and is there a menu?

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    La Granja has 3 locations - Savaneta, Tanki Leendert, and the one downtown. The one downtown is located on Hospitalstraat (directions below):

    If coming into town from the north turn left on the street between the bus station and the Royal Plaza (Iguana Joe's) mall. Go to the third street (Emanstraat) and turn right. Drive all the way to the end just past the Lucky store. You will see the La Granja sign on the last building on the right. Turn right and you can park in front. It is not far from El Gaucho.

    ~Amy~ - 35th trip to Aruba: New Years Eve 2017/2018 -- South Beach, FL: Feb. 2018 -- Zihuatanejo, MX: March 2018 -- Sedona, AZ: April/May 2018 -- Ireland: June/July 2018 -- 36th trip to Aruba: Sept. 2018

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    Renaissance Island early in the morning floating on a raft.
    Both the Old Fisherman and Que Pasa has a lot of locals dining there. Both are great.

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    See my blog under Aruba Local Flavor and Aruba Restaurants categories.

    Casa Vieja
    The Sultan
    Pueblito Paisa

    There are way off the beaten path and well worth the trip.

    Aruba's Novelist in Residence (sometimes)

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    Hands down - Nos Cunucu.... very out of the way. We like Pincho's too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dividivi View Post
    Hands down - Nos Cunucu.... very out of the way. We like Pincho's too.
    Nos Cunucu closed last November.

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    That's disappointing. We were told by a local about nos cunucu last year but didn't go. We had my teenage step daughter and niece with us and when the local told us to "try the goat" they cringed and whined when we wanted to go. We were looking forward to trying nos cunucu this year when we go back. Guess that's the old "he who hesitates. . ."

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