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Thread: senor frogs

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    Looks like from the website, it's not completely finished. The website I mean, not the actual bar, cuz you can't click on all the optional links like photos, directions, talk to us, etc. All that is listed is the hours.

    Ok, so I am confused bout directions. If you were going to the old C&C' turn down that little road that C&C's was on and it's just a little further down that same street or diff street altogether? Not a big deal, I'm sure we'll find it driving around, was just curious.

    How can we find out if the slide is in operation the nite we choose to go? Is the slide open in the evenings or just during the day for kids and of course the big kid in us!


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    Wow. I didnt see a waterslide! I was there last Saturday with my wife and BOY were we suprised when it was "Ladies Night"... I must have been one of only three men in the room outside of staff!! 8-O

    Luckily DW had a sense of humor about it 0:-P

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