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    Sensitive Stomach

    I am going to Aruba June 29th and can not wait, however I have IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome), which means my stomach is very sensitive to foods. I know that Aruba is a thriving country with top-notch restaurants, but is there any advice for me so that I don't get sick while on vacation?

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    Get some meds from your dr. My daughter has the same issue, and she uses prilosec. Food is all top notch, and the water is better than the USA.

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    Restaurants will gladly cater to your specific requirements. In other words, get the fish grilled, no butter, without the "special" sauce. Ask them specifically how a dish is prepared. Imo, sometimes language is a barrier so try to make sure the best you can that the server understands what you are asking for.

    One problem I and others have had is that some restaurants, more at the real "local" ones, is that they pan fry steaks rather than grill them. Just something to watch out for.

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    If you need the medicine be sure to bring certainly don't want to miss out on the wonderful dishes the island has to offer.

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    Arubalisa has it right. They pan fry lots of things, including the steak and deep fry the pork chops and many more items, especially at "local" joints. That said, there are plenty of alternatives, you'll just have to ask with a smile and don't worry, it'll be fine.
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