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Thread: Sensitive Stomach?

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    Sensitive Stomach?

    DH has a sensitive stomach. How safe is the food and water in Aruba? Is there anything specific he should avoid, or anything he should try to do to avoid having a negative experience?


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    safe safe safe water outstanding drinking water from a very good desalinization plant.

    food outstanding.
    on occasion we may hear of someone getting stomach bug while there or maybe food poisoning.

    aruba is not a 3rd world like country where cleanliness/hygiene are issues.

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    I have IBS, as well as an extremely sensitive stomach. In addition, I am unable to eat certain foods.

    Having said that I have always only drank tap water in Aruba and never been sick.
    I have never been sick from anything I have eaten in Aruba at any restaurant or resort.

    As Andrea stated, Aruba is not a 3rd world country with the world's third largest desalinization plant.

    On the other hand, I have traveled on cruise ships sailing out of the U.S. and once was sick for a number of months upon returning home.

    Go, enjoy, no worries.

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    The water in Aruba is definitely better tasting than the water in NJ!

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    The water in Aruba tastes better than the water coming out of my tap at home. I took a tour of the water plant a few years ago and was impressed with the process. There are no water issues.

    My wife has IBS and other stomach issues. We have never had a problem.

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