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    So the Old Man and the Sea thread is gone?

    Wonder why?

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    Me too....

    Maybe it's gone because they want to give them another chance before given them a bad review.
    Still I believe that the bad review should have been kept.

    It don't mean that the restaurant doesn't worth a visit it is more a caution that things are not always perfect there.
    I personally send a big group of friends there last October and they were not very pleased with the results on the contrary.
    On the other side, there is great reviews of this restaurant.

    Mixed reviews just tell us one thing, that the dining experience at OMATS is not always consistent.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Dh and I were very satisfied with the owners apology and response. The owner will post his thoughts on the forum in due time. Please be patient in that there are extenuating circumstances.

    My dh and I are both content that the problems at the restaurant are being rectified and really wish to do no harm in destroying someone's livelihood, in that they have shown that they are not only actively involved, but appreciated our concerns and are acting upon the situation.

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