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Thread: Sopranos,,,,what a disappointment

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    Sopranos,,,,what a disappointment

    Tonight we had a nice dinner. After dinner we were strolling and decided to stop at Sopranos for a night cap. We walked in and it was not too busy. We sat toward the end of the bar. Waitresses came and left. The bar tender went back and forth. After close to 20 minutes, I went up to one of the waitresses and asked if there was a problem with the area we were sitting in. No, she replied, he will serve you when he is ready. At that point we left to never return.

    We own here and have several properties. Will we recommend this dive. ????? I believe the answer is obvious

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    We had bad service there last year too and we were almost the only ones in there. It seems they do better when they are really busy.

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    We went to Sopranos in July and were also underwhelmed by the experience. This used to be a fun place, but the paino player was horrible, the service was poor, and it was extremely warm in the bar. We did stay for a drink a a bunch of songs but then we left. It was about half full that night, but never an excuse to be ignored by the waitress and bartender. This is definitely off of our list for future visits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffnev View Post
    This is definitely off of our list for future visits.
    Does anyone have a list of places for a similar experience?

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    I went there one night for a couple of cocktails... Not impressed. The place was near empty. I have a feeling that It is not long for the island

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    Sometimes depends on who's playing there as far as a good crowd. They switch piano players about once a month and some are alot of fun while others are just okay. We've been there when it's been packed and also when it's been quiet. It's okay but much more fun with a group of friends and a good piano player.

    For something more upscale, try Fusion which is the new piano/wine bar located behind the Alhambra. Very nice place!
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    i totally agree aquaman..the last time in march my wife and I went in there after dinner at texas de was about 10 pm..we sat for about 10 minutes or so and no one approached us so i said to a girl will we be waited on any time soon and her reply was we don't get busy till after 11 why don't you come back then..i was so annoyed that we vowed never to step foot in there again..
    scott and tricia

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