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The restaurants will usually do it any way you ask. Ask the other couple how they want it handled. We have run into problems here dining with friends because we usually split the check. That doesn't work well when their dinner selections are much more expensive than yours. As an example, the last time we went out with this one couple(good friends) she had a glass of wine, he had a mixed drink, we did not. They split an appetizer, we did not. The dinners were comparable but both their meals were a few dollars more than ours. We split the check so we ended up paying more than we should have. I don't think they realized it but it is one of those times when separate checks would have been better. When the situation is reversed, I will cover the entire tip to equal it out.
I prefer separate checks for that reason. We tend to spend a little more freely on vacation and wouldn't expect our friends to match it. We have some friends that we always chop checks evenly because it usually works out. Other times wwe just figure out who owes what but it always makes me feel awkward.