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Thread: The Sultan

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    The Sultan

    There is an arab food joint called The Sultan. If you take the road inland from the airport to the dead end at the big Texas store. There you make a left, the Codemsa will be in front of you. Follow this road to the traffic circle, go around as if you're going straight and on the opposite side of the circle on the right is THE SULTAN.

    Here you can get a great chicken Shoarma Platter with the chicken, taboule salad, arab rice and hummus with flat bread for about 16 guilders. They also have lamb shoarmas and plenty of other dishes as well as hookah pipes. (Not for me the pipes.)

    Enough garlic to last the rest of the week and that's why we love it. Try it!
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    Sounds yummy! I'll definitely try it when I'm there in September.
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