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    Since 1980, and throughout the many changes, we still love going downtown in Oranjestad.

    Sunday brunch at Le Dome?

    Good morning everybody,

    We are headed back to Aruba January 16, 2009. We always like to try at least one or two new restaurants (New to us anyway. They may actually have been there for a long time.) during our vacation.

    We've talked about going to Le Dome, specifically on Sunday for their brunch. Has anybody been there recently for Sunday Brunch.
    I'd love to here any comments you might have.

    Anyway, I'm not sure about the USA, up here in Canada this is the Labour Day long weekend. If it is a long weekend down there, make it a good one!!!


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    I have not been but we received a gift certificate for 100$ - I think it is expensive there - The people who gave us the gift did alot of research and say the buffet is not to be missed

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    Sunday brunch at Le Dome is a dining experience not to be missed. But, to correct a misconception, it's not a buffet. They have a menu from which you select an item, which is served to you. When you are done you can select another item, and another, and another. No limit, but no going to the buffet and loading your plate up. The food is exquisite and prepared to order. It was $38 last year pp, but that includes champagne or mimosas. We make it our only meal of the day and always go both Sundays that we are there. You don't have to get dressed up but it's a very nice place. At dinner no shorts are allowed inside, but they are a bit more casual at brunch. I can hardly wait, just 56 days to go.

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    Have gone to the Sunday brunch several years in a row. Last year we did not think the food was as good as previous years..only IMO. It is probably something you should try for yourself past years we probably had more mimosas than last year...they were not as free flowing as in previous years. May be a cost issue...I'm sure, but must have made the dining experience change ????? or not ????

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    My Sunday brunch choice is The Promenade. You can order what you like off the menu, two plates at a time. There was a man singing and playing guitar during brunch. The food was great.

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