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Thread: sunset grille

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda VH View Post
    We went to Sunset Grille this past year after the new chef was there - we will not go back!

    I am surprised too! We went last year and the two years prior and had great meals everytime. It was my understanding that the Chef was new last year when we were there.

    Keep in mind we got a lot of the food comped from losing our money in the casino at the Radisson, ( the only good thing that came out of losing) so I am sure that helped to make the food "taste" better if you know what I mean. Having a great meal and drinks at a discounted price always helps us enjoy it more! (I am sure we lost more than the meal would've cost but it is that whole psychological thing )

    We plan on going back this year.... if you could please elaborate on your experience it would be appreciated. There are too many good restaurants to choose from that going to a less than par restaurant while in Aruba is not necessary. Plus with the casino operation changing hands before we arrive, chances are we will not be getting a comped meal. If you are not comfortable posting on the forum, could you send a message? Thanks!

    Did you have any other bad/less than par experiences at restaurants?

    ~ Beth

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    I was disapointed in the escargot and my steak was just okay. We like Texas de Brazil, Casa Tua, Azzurro, Mirandi, Chef's Table, Papiamento, Chalet Suisse, El Gaucho - with Garufa for after dinner music, Bugaloe (always take guests there for lunch as you can't beat the setting), Elliotti's, Pizza Bob's, Matthews at CDM, DH loves Cactus Jack's and there is more if I can remember. We go for such a long time that we bbq on the deck fairly often but get to the abovementioned off an on. We had a bad meal (DH's meat was chewy) at Papillon but that was once. Linda

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