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    Supermarket Names in Chinese? Why?

    I have a cultural / history question.

    I'm asian and was wondering why the majority of supermarkets on the island are named in Chinese?

    What's the history of the asian population in Aruba? When did they get to Aruba, why the domination of the supermarket business? Even the big Ling & Sons supermarket is a chinese last name.

    I talked to a native who's cousin married chinese girl born in Aruba. But for some reason, he didn't know much about the asian history of Aruba.

    The endless supermarket names in Chinese made me SOOOO curious.


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    Most all grocery stores are owned by the Chinese. I'm not sure why, but I am interested what the answer is.
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    The first chinees family came to Aruba when the Lago oil refinaty opened in the late 20
    most of them came from Trinidad and Tabago at that time started with grocery store

    The one that stayed and form a family in Aruba (chinees born and raised and educated in Aruba) are the owners of the big suprmarket such as Ling and Son.Cerified,Kong Hing

    During the tourism devolepment int the 80 brought new chinees to the island and most of them are involved in Suprmarket Chinees restuarant and for the past couple of years even in hardware

    Hoever the chinees are not the bigest group of imigrants on Aruba

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