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    (I posted this on another site, so if you think you already read this, you might have!)
    My family enjoyed eating at Tasca and only regret not having more room to sample more. My husband, son and I enjoyed the Espetada (1/2 kilo) and the grandma's lamb, We and my vegetarian daughter also enjoyed the cornbread=funchi=polenta!!! (Victor, thanks for the extra) and the batter dipped plantains. We took 2 orders of the plantains to our timeshare and had them for a wonderful snack the next day. I emailed my daughter to refresh my memory -sharing 2 pitchers of yummy sangria can affect the memory (LOL) - if she had the terrina or the salad with avocado. She wrote: "Nope to both, i wanted the terrina, even took a pic of the menu description as it called it a "delicatessen"....but they were out of it. i LOVED my purple eggplant tho!" She also had the tasty mushrooms in garlic, which we also shared.

    Victor, my husband and I came by on the day of our departure, but we were a little too early to see you to say goodbye. BUT, we bought the most delicious donuts and cake in your bakery. That's all I can say is OH.MY.GOD. The donuts were deliciously dense (not pumped with air like the ones here) and filled with so much raspberry jelly (for my husband, Bruce) and cream (for me). They were OUTRAGEOUS! And we shared a wonderful, light cake with apple topping. All, definitely WORTH the calories. But now, that I know about them, I am scared for next year - I better start losing weight now, so I can indulge often! So, friend, see you next year!

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Victor do you have Malasadas at your bakery? If so, this gal with Portuguese in her blood, will love you forever.

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    Actually I did hire the bakery to an other person butwe still have another one in san nicolas, and we dont make malasadas but i know how to make them i wish they would be a hot item like donuts.
    But you gave me an idea and maybe in the future i can put them as a dessert
    You let me remember when i was a kid when my grandma used to make them for good friday and we went camping

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