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    Thumbs up TASTE OF BELGIUM Bistro

    Sunday evening (March 16, 2008) I went to the new TASTE OF BELGIUM bistro in the new Passeo Mall. We passed on sitting indoors, as the airco can't handle the doors being wide open, although it had a nice, intimate appearance. We were quickly seated outside at the one remaining table.

    Service throughout was fast and efficient. My friend began with the potato leek soup and was completely pleased.

    I ordered their shrimp casserole, plump shrimps over veggies (onions, peppers, zucchini) covered in bleu cheese and baked. It was tasty, generously portioned (I took half of it home!) and more than fair at $20. My friend had grilled shrimp, and was also pleased.

    Mine was served with Belgian fries in an attractive paper cone with a metal fry cone holder, with a ramekin of ketchup. While I've usually experienced Belgian fries as being thinner and darker (with a taste of peanut oil, not regular fry oil, with course salt), these more conventional fries were certainly good enough to get to the bottom of the cone.

    Music from the courtyard of Passeo was the right volume, even during the "liquid fireworks" water show, with an orchestral pops soundtrack of Beatles tunes, except for a kid at a nearby hut playing steel drums for change, which clashed with the rest of the music in the courtyard. (Someone send the kid away!)

    I can recommend TASTE OF BELGIUM as a welcome addition to your dining options, here on the island.

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    I also ate there March 9th and would recommend it to mall shoppers.

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    I have never partaken, but if it is anything like their store in town, it must be great!

    Next time it is on the too visit list!!!

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    Taste of Belgium is a wonderful gem!

    One must try their escargot and wild mushroom salad as well as the carpaccio.

    Belgium beers are really awesome with some great flavors for those who are ordinarily not a beer drinker.

    Try the Kasteel which is 11% and tastes almost like a wine and the cherry flavored beer.

    The staff are friendly and go beyond the call of duty to be helpful.

    This will always be one of my most favorite places to go!

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