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    If you like sushi, I HIGHLY recommend Tatami. It doesn't have much of a view (it's in Portofino Mall close to Oranjestad...before the Valero coming from the hotel district) but the sushi is fan-tas-tic. We ate their twice last week and the owners are a newly married Dutch couple and the wife is SO cute and SO nice. We ordered a TON of food (and my guy eats a lot of sushi) and she kept coming back to make sure that we were okay, letting us know that it was going to be a LOT of sushi, instead of just letting us order and realize it was too big for us. It's very small, maybe 6 tables and a few seats at the sushi bar, but the sushi is comparable to rolls I've had in NY and for six really generous rolls, an appetizer, and dessert plus two carafes of sake and two Sapporos was 120 florins or something equally ridiculous. Since there were no seated tables left, we sat at one of those bench tables where you take your shoes off and we were so comfortable just lounging and eating slowly.

    The second time we went in a big group (literally like 10 of us. We took up half the restaurant!) the sushi took a long time to come out, but she kept bringing us appetizers and edamame on the house even though it was really our fault since there were so many of us and we had ordered so much at the same time. Anyway, I loved it, can't wait to go back there, and hope they keep getting good business. The owners' name is Marencha and she truly is a sweetheart. If you're going in the next week though they'll be closed because they're on their honeymoon until March 2 or 3 I think.

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    The owner was my favorite waitress at Madame Janettes.

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