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    good choices

    Quote Originally Posted by shady grady View Post
    ok, thanks. We are going to try these restrauants this year, some we have eaten many time and some never.

    saturday the 24th 7:30 or earlier Texas de Brazil
    sunday the 25th 7:30 Gambero Rosso
    monday the 26th 7:30 old man & the sea
    tuesday the 27th 7:30 Yemanja woodfired grill
    wednesday the 28th 7:30 Madame Janetts
    thursday the 29th 7:30 Flying Fishbone
    friday the 30th 7:30 L.G.Smith's steak & Chops
    saturday the 31st anytime Iguana Joe's

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    shady looks exactly my list....thanks, I had to chuckle as we are planning our dinning options right now. cindyo

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    Quote Originally Posted by shady grady View Post
    Could anyone share their experiences at any of these restrauants;

    • The flying fishbone, we've eaten there once and it was very good. The wind blowing through the palms created a great atmosphere.
    I thought that atmosphere was fabulous... well worth the drive. I thought their specialty, the shrimps over veggies in a bleu cheese casserole was soupy, and not as good as the one I had at Taste Of Belgium (although it seems they brought in a new chef and changed the menu).

    Madame Janette's, we've eaten there several times and it's good food, but I think it's abit pricey, do you?
    A lovely atmosphere again, pricey to be certain, and gorgeous "art on the plate". My problem was that it all tasted "fine", but nothing popped. Everyone I've said this to disagreed. Maybe I just got the wrong chef or ordered the wrong things. But both the app and main were plated beautifully but bland.

    • Texas de Brazil, many times we've eaten here and was wondering. Can a human eat that much meat?
    The bigger question (perhaps a good poll topic) is, if you are going to eat this form of massive grazing, which is better, Texas de Brazil or Amazonia?

    • Gambero Rosso at the mall, haven't tried it yet. Looks good, anyone tried it yet?
I took a group there for lunch, and we were delighted. The fish was cooked perfectly, and the plate was garnished with all sorts of little sides that the menu didn't mention, like perfect sticks of polenta, a big sprig of rosemary, and some eggplant caponata.So pleased was I that I returned with a friend for dinner. I was disappointed that the waitstaff didn't seem to know anything at all about Italian food, pronounced the menu items in some bizarre Papiamento hybrid, and were outfitted in truly bizarre uniforms.

I was enjoying the main course when my companion returned from the bathroom sickened, as someone had projectile poo'd absolutely everywhere, and he was unable to eat. He had them take away his food, but their only reply was that these things happen.
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