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    Texas de Brazil Restaurant

    This place sounds really good. From what I gather is it an all you can eat type of place. Sounds like they bring you a skewer and when you have finished they bring you more until you say stop??? If it is can anyone tell me what the "all you can eat" price is?

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    According to the Aruba Gastronomic Association website
    Price range entrees: (fixed price menu) $38.50 + 15% service charge (salad bar & meats)

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    the food is good but it's quite pricey. remember to add tax to that price lisa qouted plus drink charges. a bottle of sangria cost about 35 and makes for a good 6 cups.

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    you actually turn this little wooden thing over for them to stop. The key is to stay away from the salad bar as you can easily, very easily fill up on that jazz.

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    We love it and go every year several times! I love the picania (sp?). I DO get a little at the salad bar as the choices are very good and different too. DH gets the black beans and rice from the salad bar to eat with his dinner.

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    Since 1980, and throughout the many changes, we still love going downtown in Oranjestad.
    Good morning everyone,

    Like many others, we enjoy TdB. They have a great selection at ttheir salad bar, including a variety of cold meats and cheeses.

    As far as the continuous dining is concerned, we put the green side up, they bring us a variety of meat selections; sirloin, bacon-wrapped sirloin, lamb, chicken, sausage, pork tenderloin, etc. We then put the red side of the little salt-shaker type thing up so they stop coming. We enjoy what they brought us, rest a bit , then back to green and start again.

    Actually, most people go to TdB with their eyes bigger than their tummy, and while they leave full, they much less meat than they intended. Occaissionally you'll get a table of guys with appetites like sumo wrestlers, but most people overdo it at the salad bar. When you toss in the sangria, Heinekin, soft drinks etc., people get full much faster than they thought they would.

    I just received my "Happy Birthday. Enjoy a free dinner on us" coupon. It's a buy one-get one free thing. With drinks, side dished, tax and tip it's still a $70.00 night, but so what, it's Aruba and we're on holiday!!



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    Thumbs up

    We have gone to Texas DeBrazil at least twice on several of our trips. Hubby usually gets the whole bonanza, but I usually do the whole bonanza once and then salad bar only on other visits. Also if you go on their website, you can join their club. They will e-mail you coupons and specials for various times of the year, including your birthday and anniversary. Coupons for birthdays are usually good for one free dinner for the birthday person. Not a bad deal. My birthday just happens to fall on our Aruba vacation in Sept. - how lucky for me!.

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    ladylm, we have been many times, but I never knew you could just get the salad bar....never thought to ask. I was always under the assumption that you had to get everything. Thanks for that tip as well as the one about going on the website to get free stuff !!!!!

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