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Animal Relief Foundation Aruba

Our friends, Scott and Leslie of Scott's Brats at Playa Linda are hosting a fundraiser for Arf-Aruba on Thursday. All proceeds that day will go to helping the animals of Aruba.

Come for breakfast or come for lunch! We will be there from 8:30a.m. until 3:00p.m. Scott's Brats is located on the boardwalk opposite Dunkin Donuts. Hope to see you on Thursday. Thanks Scott and Leslie for your support year round.

from Andrea...............go and enjoy and know that your money is going to help the
wonderful fur babies of Aruba. (veterinary, spay-neutor, airlines, education, medicine, food etc)Thursday July 23  @ Scott's Brats-10341769_902752096427554_1884943803747867616_n.jpg