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    Tipping at the Restaurants

    Please refresh my memory. Some restaurants include a service charge on the bill, which I know gets split around the restaurant. DO you than tip another 20% on top of that. If so, does that indeed than go direct to the waiter or does it get split up again. Please advise. Thanks

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    Tipping Question A LOT of good discussion
    Restaurant Tipping
    restaurant service charge

    "From the late Aruban Restaurateur, Roger Coster, speaking of some of his establishments...

    "Our company writes in all our menus:

    The 15% Service Charge added to your bill is a gratuity divided among our kitchen & service staff according to a point system & is part of their salary. However please fell free to tip where individual service has been excellent. The restaurants & hotels hold a percentage of the 15% to cover breakage - In addition the service charge is taxed as being a part of the salary. If the service is good I never fail to leave an additional 5 to 10% to insure promptness ( T.I.P. )

    If service is bad I do not leave one penny more.

    We have instructed our staff not to give a verbal answer in regards to the TIP question but just bring the menu back to the guest.

    In Miami Beach with its large clientele of Europeans & Latins the 15% has become customary.

    I believe that our menu statement reflects with integrity the truth about the 15%."

    Another explanation from the Aruba Tourism Authority:
    "The hotel employees do pool their tips & get this in their pay Cheques. If you decide to add some more, s/he gets it at the end of his/her shift that same day. But some of the independent restaurants do it differently. "Service Charge" does not necessarily always mean that the server gets this. I was shocked, I am sure you will be too. This goes to the back staff (cook, dishwasher, etc). Breakage & Insurance: this is a very ludicrous. I have not patronized none of these establishments." "

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    So the big question here is, if you give your server a tip in cash do they have to bring it a community tip jar that is divided at the end of the night AFTER the manager takes out for breakage ???? Do they take out for breakage everyday ?? What if nothing gets broken today??? I can understand (not that I agree or like the idea) that the service charge is divided even with the cooking and dishwashing staff, they have to earn a living also....but I do believe that if I give a cash tip to my server that person should be able to keep all of that for themselves....which is where I meant for it to be....

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