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    My swimming pool with a 7/7 or in my boat with a fishing rod looking in at Malmok.

    Thumbs up Translator Papiamento / others

    I know that a lot of us Aruba addicts often gets frustrated from not understanding i.e. news from Aruba from Papiamento sites such as and Dutch sites such as
    I am so happy to have found this site that has automatic translations from Papiamento to English. It is a hobby project for the owner, so it is far from perfect , but still a fantastic help to get an idea about what the articles are about. Sometimes it is hard to make sense of the translations, but normally it is a great help.
    You probably already know this, but as a side note: If you need Dutch translations to English (or most other languages), you have several options, such as or

    Have fun


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    I have not had the greatest luck with the papimento translator but do love babelfish. Just wish the Amigoe would make it easier to get the subscriber articles. Finally got in touch with them - you can subscribe online if you live in Curacao but if you're in Aruba you have to get the dutch newpaper delivered too!

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