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Thread: A unique Aruban Experience

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    A unique Aruban Experience

    Last evening we had the opportunity to experience a pleasant Aruban festivity. We were invited to the celebration of an Aruban friends birthday. What an experience. Close members of the family came together to celebrate...18 in all...brothers, sisters, children, grandchild, grandparents etc. It was strictly family but since we have been friends for many years we are seen as members of the family.

    The event was in the private home which was decorated for both Xmas and the Birthday. With beautiful weather the function was held outside. A full bar and amazing foods. We were able to sample many foods including a shrimp bisque, a ham and cheese combo, mushrooms stuffed with lump crab, Aruban meatballs in a sweet sauce, shrimp thermidor and many other dishes. There was one local dish that is only prepared and served at festive occasions. It was a ham that is cut into cubes and pickled in a vinegar and sweet onion mixture. To serve it, each person has a small wooden skewer and "spears" a piece from the serving dish.

    I was amazed at the whole affair. I don't think I have ever been to a function where there was continual joking and laughter for hours on end. When the language reverted to Papiamento and a great joke or thing was discussed, they made sure we understood in English.

    What a great night


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    Sounds like such an awesome experience
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Wow, John - you are truly living the life of a local. Thanks so much for sharing all the details, especially the menu. I really enjoy reading this.

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    VERY cool. It's always nice to feel ingrained and accepted. We're starting to experience that too.

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    I bet you and Bobbie had a ball! Very jealous of you guys❤️hugs from RI

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